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Working at Mazars: connecting the interest of the company to the interest of society

Not everyone has it; two sides of the brain that are well-developed, enabling you to act with expertise and a sense of responsibility. Knowledge is vital, yet generating added value is at least as important. Key is that you use both sides of the brain. Mazars employs accountants and tax advisers who, in addition to analysing and structuring, also inspire. That is what sets our employees apart. Their professional, yet challenging approach, their focus on quality and a good dose of boldness often create other perspectives and valuable insights.

Diversity with an eye for professional and personal development 

At Mazars, you will work in a compact, professional organisation with short lines of communication. Regardless of your starting position, you will always be working with other colleagues and other disciplines. We form part of a global organisation enabling you to experience and create international opportunities, not only through our international network, but also thanks to our international client portfolio.

Mazars offers a career with a strong focus on coaching, development of a professional, yet inquisitive attitude and technical and personal development, yet above all job satisfaction. You will receive extensive training and be introduced to the many facets of the profession. In addition, you can look forward to an excellent education scheme with a variety of professional and personal competency training programmes that will assist you in your future career.

Diversity in the job and a focus on personal development. All this makes working at Mazars fascinating and inspiring.

Making connections and reaching valuable solutions

Our accountants and tax advisers operate in a wide and multi-disciplinary field of work. This enables us to make connections and add value. As a new recruit, you are taught to think broadly giving a hands-on introduction to the many facets of the profession. All this, of course, under the supervision of a mentor who monitors your personal development. You will soon discover your talents.

Can you turn your knowledge into opportunity?

Can you, like us, draw motivation from the public role that you fulfil in society? Do you want to work for an organisation that encourages your ability to make a connection between accountability and responsibility? Can you fit within an organisation that gives you the opportunity to work on interesting projects? And that encourages client contact from the outset? If so, check out our vacancies.

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